“Successful Gold
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“Having spent the last 36 months buying and selling gold, part-time trader Robert Evans has developed an incredible sure-fire system that brings in the profits on a weekly basis. Now you can discover how he does it and make £680+ per week doing the same thing.”

Dear Reader,

This letter contains an offer that can make you an extra £136.00 per day. That’s the average participating clients are already making spending less than five hours per week. What’s more, you’ll be paid in cash which is yours to spend and enjoy as you please.

Please take 2 minutes to read through my offer, because quite honestly, I don't want you to rush through it as this could be just what you are looking for.

There is a genuine and legal way where you can make a great deal of money simply by buying and selling gold – usually scrap pieces. I’m enjoying this extra income and with my guidance you too can enjoy regular and significant daily gains.

My approach isn’t magic, it’s a simple and clear system of identifying specific opportunities by using tried and tested strategies and techniques. All the major institutions are in on it and rake in vast profits along the way. Ok, I’m not going to show you how to make millions, but would you be interested in making £600/£700 per week?

This is a bona fide and sincere offer for you to learn exactly how to buy and sell gold. My method has been providing me with a steady income for the past 3 years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I also take full advantage of the fact that profits are gained daily – sometimes within an hour of the deal and I’ve never had to risk more than £100 of my own money!

You might think that a system that provides a weekly profit requires an understanding of the gold market. Not so. Once you’ve learned how to successfully trade, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that past experience, specialist knowledge in finance, licences or expensive equipment are not required. If you have a computer and internet access, then I promise you, you’ll make money.
All your trades can be conducted over the internet from the comfort of your home. Every piece of information required for you to make an extra income from this exciting business comes supplied. I’ll also disclose the sources of additional information that will be beneficial.

It’s all included in my brand new home study course: The Insider Secrets To Making Money From Buying And Selling Gold.

For more than 3 years I have learned, honed, tested and fine-tuned more than 10 different trading strategies and techniques that –- when applied, rapidly produce incredible daily profits. When it comes to trading gold you need to be assured that all eventualities are covered. You want to be confident in the knowledge that whatever direction the gold market moves, you still finish the day in profit. This, I have achieved.

When developing my system, the first requirement was to ensure that it stood up to all rigorous gold trading conditions – it has. I then wanted a system that when put into practice resulted in strong, ongoing profits - it has. I also wanted a system that I felt confident with – I do.

I am ready to share these strategies with you, I will show you how to apply these strategies and techniques and ensure you generate the level of success that has come my way over the years. I take gold trading very seriously and this has enabled me to increase my net worth to a considerable level. You’ll discover that by applying a combination of techniques and strategies, you can optimise every gold trade and get the maximum return.
The theory trading gold is very much the same as any other buying and selling venture.

Here are some advantages of Trading Gold :

You can do it all from the comfort of your home. You’ll require a computer and access to the Internet - that’s it! You need very little time, most gold traders devote just a few hours a week.

No special skill or knowledge required. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to trade gold successfully.

Easy profits to be had. I can buy an item of gold for £30.00 and sell it on for £90 within an hour. The more working capital you have the more profit you’ll make.

Recession proof business – in fact it is easier to make money from gold in a recession.

Prepare yourself for a substantial, profit producing business venture.

Let me give you an illustration of my strategies and techniques in action, and how by applying a simple process I made a handsome profit.

Case History: A £510.00 profit within 2 hours.

I spent 30 minutes looking for a piece of gold and found an 18ct necklace weighing 28 grams – I’ll reveal where I get all my gold within my study course. I agreed a price of £215.00 with the seller for this item. I then went straight to my buyer and agreed a price of £725.00 for the necklace – giving me a profit of £510.00. All this took less than 2 hours – and I do this 2 – 3 times a day.

Do You Realise What My System Means To You?

It means you don’t need large up-front capital to create daily profits. With gold items available for £20.00, this business venture is available to everyone whatever your circumstances.

It also means that past experience or qualifications are not important. I provide the experience, which I’ll share with you, and the only qualifications required are the strategic ones. I’ll show you how to gain significant daily profits by applying tried and tested strategies and techniques that will, over the coming months, increase your personal net worth substantially.

In a nutshell, you’ll discover more practical ways of making money from the buying and selling gold, more powerful methods of multiplying your daily profits, more dramatic techniques and precise strategies that will create an unfair advantage and more ethically –- but powerful ways to exploit a sellers lack of gold prices than any other source I know of.

What’s more, you will not be confused with any complicated instructions, information or directions. I’ll assume nothing and guide you every step in a relaxed, easy to understand way.

My Home Study Course entitled The Insider Secrets To Making Money From Buying And Selling Gold leads you ‘step by step’ through the exciting world of futures trading. Everything you need to know is thoroughly and clearly explained. You’ll be receiving my best-reasoned advice and I anticipate you will be equipped to trade within a few days, you could be making a profit within 7 days from now.


Please don’t confuse this course with some unworkable ‘get rich quick’ nonsense. Although I can’t promise you endless riches, I can show you how to make around £140.00 per day – everyday!

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Please don’t delay as the gold markets are HOT at the moment. I look forward to introducing you to this profitable venture.

Best regards,


Robert Evans

PS The Study Course explains my most powerful profit-building strategies for gold trading. Discover concepts, techniques, methods and strategies that’ll provide you with £136.00 minimum profit per day.